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NOC and CAWIC Co-Sponsor a Viewing and Discussion of "Locked"

Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at Cafe Istanbul over a hundred people gathered to view the short film, "Locked" and discuss the harmful impacts of the Industrial Canal lock expansion project. Neighbors from both sides of the Canal streamed in to hear what the project entails, and why neighbors have been fighting this for twenty years.

Residents of Holy Cross and Bywater also gathered there to see a short film made by Daneeta and Patrick Jackson with ElekTrik Zoo and NOVAC. In "Locked," as described on their Facebook page, "Urban Ecologist Dr. Josh Lewis tells a rollicking story of the hundred year history of the Industrial Canal, the industrial capitalists who built it using public funds, and the people who fight against its expansion to protect land and life. It's a story filled with greed and corruption, deadly engineering faults, and an enduring hubris that has shaped the land and the lives of the denizens of the 9th ward and of St. Bernard Parish for a century."

For those of you that missed the showing, you can watch the film here:

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